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Chicken Jerky for Dogs Recipe

Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Easy to Make Recipe!

This recipe is so easy, you are going to wonder why you have been paying for chicken jerky dog treats. If you don't own a dehydrator, you can grab one at Amazon for under $50. It's a great investment that pays for itself.


Cost: Around $7.00 for 2 lbs
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 hours



1-2 pounds chicken breast (we prefer organic, but really any kind will do)


We like to recommend recipes that are realistic to make, and feature very few ingredients. This one checks both boxes.  

- BoxDog Chefs -

Cut chicken breasts into strips approximately 1/2" thick. The thicker the strip, the longer it takes to cook. Place the strips on parchment paper in the dehydrator to prevent sticking and reduce cleanup. Dehydrators vary, so check your instruction guide. We set the dehydrator for 15 hours and that's it! Just place the chicken strips in a ziploc bag. Our dogs know what it means when the dehydrator is running now - these go fast!


"I love this recipe for chicken jerky. It's very easy for to make this recipe - just cut the chicken and let it dry out! I'm subtracting points because it takes so long in the dehydrator, but when it's done it's a perfect 10! We put them in ziploc baggies, but they don't last long with me around."  

- Nori, Cane Corso -

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