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Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Plan

Decide whether your dog needs a box monthly or quarterly.
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Select Your Box Items

Select toys, clothing or accessories that your dog will love to go in your first box!
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Free Delivery

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Choose a seasonal or monthly plan.

Monthly Plan

For dogs who need treats, toys, and gear more often. As low as

$35 / month


Seasonal Plan

4 giant boxes per year with seasonal treats, toys and gear. As low as

$45 / quarter


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Get a free polar fleece dog bed with your first BoxDog box! Use code BED at checkout.

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@chelseybiosiInstagram Logo
I'm getting ready for a dip with my blue microfiber towel
ageekyguyInstagram Logo
We are pumped for the dinosaur box!
I luv frosted cookies
Somehow this red velvet blanket from BoxDog scored me the best seat in the house!
This suede bomber looks great on me, but my brother had a few too many treats!
hoogie_bearInstagram Logo
Surf's up with my matching surfboard bandana and cookies.
hilothegoldenInstagram Logo
Kiss me!
wheresmozartInstagram Logo
I'm about to rock out with this delicious cookie.
leo_thecooldudeInstagram Logo
I'm super stealthy in my ninja hoodie. Wait you can see me?
matt_and-emmas_playhouseInstagram Logo
We like to lay together and dream about cookies.
goodboybakerInstagram Logo
I'm about to rock this box!
sixty_formulaInstagram Logo
Why pick one box....when you can get two??
winstonthetruthInstagram Logo
I picked this boombox to get really loud and drive everyone crazy!
Grace and Ralph keeping it cool with the cooling bandana and wearable towel!
Cricket pounces on her first BoxDog!



OpenCloseWhat is BoxDog?
BoxDog is a subscription box for dogs with handmade treats, vegan skincare and your choice of toys, gear and gadgets. We feature exclusive and original items for members that you can’t find in stores, including our handmade treats, blankets, beds, toys, clothing and more. Monthly and quarterly plans available.
OpenCloseDo you cater to allergies?
We do! If you need handmade grain free treats, please select that item at checkout. Please report all other allergies to our staff.
OpenCloseWhat kind of items can I choose from?
BoxDog creates one-of-a kind items like jackets, bandanas, beds, toys, skincare items, cakes, treats and more that you won’t find in stores. We focus on making high quality items and we make sizes XS-XXL to cater to a variety of dog sizes.
OpenCloseAre there any shipping fees?
Shipping is always free in the continental U.S. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico $15, Canada and UK $20. Some large items like dog beds may have a published additional shipping fee when you select that item.
OpenCloseHow frequently do the box selections change?
BoxDog features new items every month for monthly members and quarterly for seasonal members.
OpenCloseAre your treats really handmade?
Yes, all of our treats are cut, baked, frosted and sprinkled by hand. It’s a very slow, but the results are undeniable!
OpenCloseCan you really eat BoxDog treats with your dog?
We label all of the ingredients in our dog treats on each package. Many of our cookies are baked with the exact same ingredients as the cookies you make in your own kitchen. If the cookie smells good, go ahead and take a taste!