• BoxDog Cooling Bandana

    Invented by BoxDog.  Wet or fill with ice to cool your dog down.  S/M - up to 14", L/XL - 15-30" neck.
  • Nylon & Rubber Cigar Chew Toy

    Made for chewing!
  • Rubber Shark

    This sharks squeaks and is made for tough play and chewing.  Tough fabric tail makes it easy to carry.
  • Duraforce Boomerang

    Duraforce toys are strong and they float in the water!  Perfect summer toy for medium and large dogs.
  • Shark Hoodie Wearable Microfiber Towel

    New design with long lasting velcro!  Dry off quickly and in style!  Hood has a shark face! *There is a $10 extra charge for this item (Compare at $39.99 on Amazon) Size Guide  
  • Tough Tennis ball

    2.5" tennis ball dispenses treats from the top.  Extremely durable, made for tough play.
  • Petkit Travel Food and Water Bottle

    Keep your [et cool with this travel water bottle.  Has one section for water, and one for food storage.  Made by Petkit.
  • Bouncy Strawberry

    This toy is made for chewing, dispenses treats and bounces.  Toy is 3" tall and is made for small to medium dogs.
  • Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar

    Surfer design, seatbelt clasp.  Small 9-15"; M 11-17"; L 15-26"
  • Rubber Stuck Food Puzzle Toy

    Finally in stock (for real)!  This is an extremely tough toy made for chewing.  Place food inside to create a puzzle for long lasting fun.
  • Squeaky Rubber Ball

    Finally in stock (for real)!  Tough rubber ball with squeaker.  Colors vary.
  • BoxDog Tough Watermelon Toy

    #1 Selling BoxDog Toy.   printed suede with multiple layers and protective webbing.  Squeaker sewn inside layers.  Please choose size small or large (size large pictured).
  • Microfiber Bull Large

    This monster pull toy has 5 squeakers!  No stuffing except in eyes.  Surprisingly tough toy!
  • Tuffy Snake

    Long, bright red tough toy.  Drag, pull, jump!  This toy also floats and is washable.
  • Tuffy Toucan

    Tough toucan floats, washable! For medium and large dogs.
  • Doggie Frozen Treat Maker

    Place peanut butter or fruit at the bottom of tray, snap on lid, pour water into the cups.  Frozen treat balls all summer long!
  • Plush Flamingo

    Plush with squeaker.  Choose size small or large.  Small 9"; Large 12."
  • Slushie Plush

    Squeaky plush toy 6.5" tall.
  • BoxDog Tough Alligator

    Made by BoxDog with multiple layers.  This toy is nearly 1 foot long and is made for tough play, but not for prolonged chewing.
  • Vibrating Lobster Toy

    Plush lobster jumps and vibrates when turned on!  Cats love to hold and kick this toy, dogs love to chase it when it jumps!
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