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Everyone wants to look their best for summer!  In the 2019 Miami Edition BoxDog, you will find a bottle of blueberry facial to help your dog get summer ready.  A blueberry facial is a great way to get rid of dirt and tear stains and enhances the color in your dog's coat.  The formula we use is safe for pets of all ages and will not irritate your dog's eyes.  Just think of how long it's been since your dog's face had a good wash!  

Directions for BoxDog Blueberry Facial:

1. Gently wet your dog's face with your hands or a wet cloth. You want to get as much water as possible on the fur so that the facial will lather properly. 

2. Open the jar of BoxDog Blueberry facial and place a little on your hands, and then rub it into your dog's fur.  Lather gently into the fur, navigating carefully around your dog's eyes. Do not get into your dog's eyes.  

3. Let the Blueberry facial sit for a few minutes if possible in the fur for maximum benefit.  Heavily stained area may require multiple daily treatments.  If you use the facial once per week, it will prevent future staining.  

4. Use a wet cloth, a pull-out hose from a sink or shower or another gentle way to rinse your dog's face.  Pat dry.  



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