Your Dog is So Happy With You

You're getting a FREE BoxDog Starter Box! Sample our Yummy Handmade Dog Treats plus Toys & Gear!

In 14 days, you will be charged $49.99 for your BoxDog Seasonal Subscription unless you cancel. View our terms & conditions.  



We'll send you a FREE Starter box with treats made by BoxDog chefs and one dog toy or a cool piece of gear.


In 14 days, we'll let you choose your own dog toys, gear & gadgets to go in your BoxDog Seasonal Box. A $150+ Value for $49.99


You'll receive 4 GIANT seasonal boxes per year, and we'll let you customize each one! Free shipping in the continental U.S.

Eat Your Dog's Treats

Our BoxDog chefs roll, cut, bake, frost and sprinkle every one of your dog's treats by hand. No dog can resist the fresh smell of our handmade cookies. Go ahead, try a bite and you will see why! Every season, we include handmade items like cookies, donuts, chews, and other fun creations in your BoxDog.

Vegan SkinCare

We have our own line of BoxDog vegan & cruelty free skincare & wellness items. Each season, we include a new item like paw salve, nose balm, shampoo, CBD oil and other things you need to keep your dog looking & feeling his or her best!

Dog Toys, Gear & Gadgets

We're the first dog subscription box that let's your dog decide what they like! Pick from premium items like toys, clothing, seasonal essentials and cool gadgets made by BoxDog or from our brand partnerships. We've got options for dogs of every shape & size, including tough chewers!  


"Moose loves the day his BoxDog arrives. He loves opening the box and checking out the goodies. The handmade treats are probably his favorite but he always loves the toys too. As his mom, I love the care that goes into the selections in the box. We are fans!

Moose, Chocolate Lab


Paw-some, pawfect much better than anything I've found at re-TAIL stores. My dog, is a 10 year old grumpy old man, he's picky about what he eats but boy does he love the hand-baked, homemade treats inside the BoxDog!! I love they are homemade by a chef that loves dogs just much as I do. LOVE LOVE LOVE, 5 out of 5 paws up. Don't give PAWS on buying this box!

Bear, Yorkie Poo

We LOVE BoxDog. I honestly ate one of the treats (human grade ingredients) and i craved them all week hahaha. So embarrassing, but the dogs had to fight me to eat the cookies. They get so excited when our boxes arrive.

Bella, Husky

Bear, Yorkie Poo

Max, Chihuaua

Rebel, Pomsky

Grace, Pitbull

Rye, Golden Retriever

Pearl, GoldenDoodle

Remy , Pug/Terrier

Moose, Chocolate Lab


Nellie, Lab

Mozart, Pomchi


Ginny & Gryff, Corgi


Floki & Gambit, Collie



How does the BoxDog Starter Box program work?

Simply complete the form for your free starter box, and we'll send you and your dog a Starter Box absolutely free. In 14 days, you'll get to customize your seasonal BoxDog and we'll charge you $49.99. We have four boxes per year, each valued at over $150 in products for your dog for only $49.99. Never pay full price at the pet store again!

How long will it take to get my free box?

We'll ship your BoxDog Starter Box immediately. Expect to receive it within approximately one week, depending on your location.  

What is your billing and shipping schedule?

BoxDog ships 4 GIANT seasonal dog boxes per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) at $49.99 each. We normally bill and ship around Sept. 15, Dec. 7, March 15 and June 15 every year.  

What kind of products are in a BoxDog?

Each box contains 4 bins of handmade cookies, chews, and other neat bakery treats made by our own BoxDog chefs in USA kitchens. No more machine-made, processed treats!  

We also include 1 vegan & cruelty-free skincare or wellness item from our BoxDog line in every box. Paw salve, nose balm, shampoo, cbd oil are all examples of items that we include.

We're helping dog owners save money AND enjoy unique, fun experiences with their dog by creating toys, gear & gadgets that you can choose from every season. There's something for everyone, big or small! We don't charge any extra for tough chewers like other boxes. Simply pick from our seasonal options which may include toys, clothing, accessories, and the latest dog gadgets. The majority of these items are made by BoxDog just for our subscription box members, or we partner with cool brands that have unique products.