Small Bling Ball

Bling Ball

You can't be a rockstar without a little bling! When your dog picks up this ball, get your camera ready to see your dog's gold and diamond grill! Craft your rockstar costume and bring the ball to show party guests!  

This large bling ball is a great option for tough chewers, or just some bouncy fun. The large version is 2.4" in diameter and a mini version is available for very small dogs.

Bling Ball Fun

We partnered with Moody pets to bring you this toy for tough chewers, ball-lovers and the 'gram.

Gold & Diamond Grill

Made for Tough Chewers


What the Dogs are Saying

Bandit, Golden Retriever

"Fun for fetch, fun for the camera! Nice and tough!"

Pearl, Doodle

"Well I know you are supposed to play fetch with this ball, but Pearl just likes to curl up in bed and chew on it. Whatever works!"

Nori, Cane Corso

"We're always looking for fun ways to grow our Instagram following and this was a really fun post!"