Lavender Eucalyptus Dog Shampoo Bar

This 4 oz. bone shaped shampoo bar is lovely at bath time. It's great for soothing skin and creating a relaxing bath environment. Creates a good deal of foam and lather and helps with minor skin irritations. Smells wonderful!

Dog Shampoo Bar Features

If you are looking for a new bath time secret, try a dog shampoo bar!  

Wonderful Lather

Calming Scent

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

What the Dogs are Saying

Nora, German Shepard

"Nora is very frightened at bath time. We found that using this shampoo bar with our hands directly on her fur makes the process easier. The eucalyptus scent also has a great calming effect."

Nori, Cane Corso

"I love getting beautiful! I'm the only dog that waits at the shower door to get my bath! "

Bella Husky

"We need a powerful, yet gentle shampoo to get Bella clean after she rolls her white coat in the mud. We love this shampoo bar!"