Handmade Dog Treats

BoxDog delivers delightful bakery items, just like the ones you might find at your local dog bakery right to your door every season.  Our treats are ALL handmade by dog chefs in USA kitchens.  Each season, we create a menu of fresh baked items that might include dog cookies, donuts, cupcakes, cakes and more!  We also create special holiday baked goods for our member only sales, which you can add-on with your next box for free shipping.


We're proud of our BoxDog Bakery items.  In every subscription box, your dog's food items are on display in clear containers. The containers are taped shut, to reduce breakage since cookies can be fragile.  All of our food containers are recyclable, so please do when you are finished!  Don't forget to photograph and post to social media....before they get eaten!


When you open the BoxDog cookies, they smell delicious.  And they are delicious!  We know because we have eaten them!  Our dog cookies  are so pure, humans can eat them too - feel free to take a bite.  

Each container is clearly labeled with ingredients on the front.  Some of our cookies and baked goods do contain wheat.  If your dog has a wheat allergy, please contact our staff. 

Please enjoy a few pictures of our baked goods hot out of the oven!


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Our Treats

sheet of frosted dog cookies

Large Gourmet Frosted Dog Cookies

dog donuts

Dog Donuts

dog eating summer dog cake

Dog Cakes

small gourmet frosted dog cookies

Small Gourmet Frosted Dog Cookies