Gourmet Dog Cake

Dogs love cake too! This cake is handmade by BoxDog chefs with ingredients so good, you could eat it too! Each season we design custom cakes to match our seasonal theme. You won't find these in any retail store - these are original BoxDog creations.

This cake is 2.5" in diameter and comes in a cake box with decorative crinkle. Great for a single dog.

Gourmet Dog Cake Features

100% handmade goodness no dog can resist! Watch your dog devour this cake!

100% Handmade

Personal Size - 2.5" Diameter

Decorative Packaging

What the Dogs are Saying

Dante, Bullmastiff

"Have you ever seen a 140 lb puppy devour a dog cake? It's great fun!"

Nori, Cane Corso

"Nori likes to spend an hour licking the frosting off of every piece. Then she eats the inside bite by bite. There is no sharing with her friend Dante, who ate his in one bite."

Bear, Yorkie Poo

"Bear loves the cakes as much as the cookies!"