Gold Glitter Dog Tattoo Kit

Gold Glitter Tattoo Kit

We're bringing you the hottest trend in dog grooming in an easy to use do-it-yourself kit. Get ready for the your next walk to the park in style or dress up for a costume party!

This kit features 5 hands-free glitter stencils (including a star), gold glitter, and glitter adhesive spray.

Gold Glitter Tattoo Kit Features

Dog glitter tattoos are a hot new trend that will get your dog a lot of attention!

5 Stencils Included

Add-On Extra Colors At Checkout

Gold Glitter + Carrying Case

What the Dogs are Saying

Sugar, Yorkie

"I've had glitter tattoos done at the groomer, but this kit made it so easy we can do them at home!"


"Looooove these boxes! The stuff they put in here is so creative and my dog loves it!"

Milo, French Bulldog

"We got Milo to sit still long enough to do the gold glitter tattoo. He got so much attention at the park! Everyone wanted to get one!"