Halloween Dog Cake

Halloween Cake

This handmade cake is a great treat for some costume fun or a spooky Halloween party!  

Perfect for sharing, this cake is 4" in diameter and can be cut with a sharp knife. Comes shrink-wrapped and sealed in a round plastic container for freshness and protection. Decorative crinkle included.

Halloween Cake Features

100% handmade goodness no dog can resist! Throw a Halloween party and invite your dog friends!

Cut into Pieces & Share

Black Spider

Decorative Packaging & Shrink Wrap

What the Dogs are Saying

Dante, Bullmastiff

"Have you ever seen a 140 lb puppy devour a dog cake? This cake says share with friends, but Dante wanted it all for himself! It's great fun!"

Nori, Cane Corso

"Nori likes to spend an hour licking the frosting off of every piece. HILARIOUS!"

Bear, Yorkie Poo

"Bear loves the cakes as much as the cookies!"