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BoxDog is a seasonal delivery of 6-8 products for dogs, including handmade bakery treats, skincare items and premium items like toys, gear, and gadgets. Most of the items featured in our box are designed by BoxDog or exclusive partnerships.

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Dog cookies made by hand

Our Products

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Dog Cookies

BoxDog cookies are handmade and frosted by BoxDog chefs in USA kitchens.  Dogs absolutely love our cookie - even dogs who are normally extremely picky with treats. The ingredients in our cookies are so pure - you can eat them (and we have!).
Ingredients in our Cookies: Some of our cookies and baked goods are wheat, grain and soy free. Our beautiful frosted cookies do contain wheat. All of our cookies are packed in clear containers and are clearly labeled with ingredients.

Bakery Goods

Our standard boxes always contain a variety of fun bakery goods for dogs, such as donuts, canolis, cupcakes and other fun shaped treats. We also offer larger add-on items like dog cakes and decorative holiday cookie boxes at up to 60% off retail price. We clearly label all of our baked goods with ingredients, but please alert our staff if your dog has any allergies.
All of our bakery goods are made by BoxDog chefs in USA kitchens.

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dog getting a blueberry facial


We've created our own line of vegan skincare and wellness items, including products like paw balm, nose butter, shampoo, etc. Each season, we include one of these items in our box and you may also find some of them for up to 60% retail price during our member-only sales. Our formulations are as gentle as they come, and work for dogs with very sensitive skin. All our skin and wellness products are sourced, created and manufactured in the USA and Canada.

Premium Items

Most of the premium items like toys, wearables and gadgets are our own BoxDog brand. We also partner with great brands in special categories to bring you unique items for the season or items created just for BoxDog members.

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