About Us



BoxDog is a seasonal delivery of 6-8 premium products for dogs, including 100% handmade bakery treats, vegan skincare items and unique toys, gear, and gadgets that you won't find in stores.  

We design and create products that bring health & happiness to both you and your dog(s) - and deliver them right to your door. You and your dog decide what premium items go into the box each season.

Dog Cookies So Good, You Can Eat Them

Every dog box we deliver is filled with 100% handmade dog treats. Our dog cookies are made by our own BoxDog chefs, in the USA. We roll, cut, frost and sprinkle every cookie by hand.

Our cookies smell so good, with that "fresh out of the oven smell" that dogs go crazy for. Our cookies are so pure, you can eat them too (and we have)!

Vegan Skincare

Most of the dog skincare available is full of chemicals and tested on animals - it's so hard to know the truth! So we decided to create our own line of products that is safely tested, vegan and super gentle. Every product we create is both vegan and cruelty-free. In each box, we bring you essential products like nose balm, paw balm, shampoo and more.  

Premium Dog Toys, Gear & Gadgets

Each box should be a unique experience that you and dog can have together - totally different from the last! You know your dog best. Does he or she love to throw parties and have dog friends over, go for walks, or collect toys in a pile? We've got you covered!

We started making dog toys, gear & gadgets so that we could offer choices that work for every dog and their owner. Each season we craft an array of choices for you and your dog. Fun seasonal toys, toys for tough chewers, unique gadgets, clothing, leashes, costumes - you name it. All of our items are made by BoxDog or a partnership with a brand that has an incredible product.  

Member Add-Ons

Each season we offer holiday and essential items for BoxDog members at up to 70% off retail price. Simply lookout for an email or text when our add-on sale is available and login to your account to add them your next box. Shipping on these items is always free with your box. These items are made in limited quantities and only available while supplies last.

Member add-on items currently offered include vegan skincare items, birthday cakes & cookie boxes, holiday cakes and cookie gift boxes, dog toys, gear & gadgets.




+1 888-8-BOXDOG